Toccoa river Fishing Report #2 January


What a week it has been here on the Toccoa River! We’ve had some very interesting flows with TVA Sluicing (not releasing) 1600 cfs for most of the week and then just Yesterday dropping it back down to a sluice of 200cfs. While 1600 cfs is not really wadeable the fish have absolutely loved it and the big guys have been out on the Prowl! Big streamers on floating lines while floating the high water has been the ticket for the biggest of Browns , like Nathan’s 27 inch male Shown above! We’ve seen a whole boat load of nice fish come to the boat this week though, all falling victim to big streamers in shallow water.

Jason was out yesterday on the now 200cfs flow and said that the water was definitely low and closer to normal levels. Fish were still chasing streamers however, and while there were no big browns there were certainly more numbers of fish to hand. Look for more wade fishing opportunities this weekend and also for nymph fishing to pick back up as well. Our favorite stretch has been Curtis Switch lately, however there are piles of fish around Tammen park as well.

Tight Lines and stay Warm!

Daniel Bowman