North Georgia Fishing Report - February

Well its been a great couple of days on the Toccoa River and Noontoola Creek, however the rains have set in and the flows are back through the roof. The rivers should be back down by the weekend though and here’s the scoop from the past couple of days to help you make the most of it!

Toccoa River

Well TVA’s project on the Blue Ridge dam has finally ended so for the most part the sluicing should be done and we should now be back to normal generation flows! It’s looking like they’ll probably still keep flows high though with the lake level where it’s at and more rain coming. However over the past couple of days we’ve been mostly on the Delayed Harvest stretch of the Upper Toccoa River. The fish lately have been deep but have been eating a variety of flies. Plenty of Junk like squirmy worms and eggs, but with our black caddis hatch kicking off a variety of size 14 caddis imitations have been the ticket as well as long as you get them deep! Most of the fish for whatever reason have been towards the bottom of the Delayed Harvest stretch as well. On the Toccoa River Tailwater, streamers are still king, more and more people are making the ride up to the river to try their hand at it after the awesome winter we’ve had.

Noontoola Creek

Stealthy presentations and upstream casts have been the best bet for big fish on Noontoola Creek. Stone flies and small size 16 mayfly imitations have been the best. We like a brown size 10 Pat’s Rubber legs or a size 16 quill body mayfly nymph with a CDC collar.

Here’s some pictures of a great fish from Saturday!