North Georgia Trout Fishing Report - January


It was a busy weekend for our North Georgia Rivers and Streams, with a lot of our friends and members of the Bowman Fly Fishing family out on Noontoola Creek and the Toccoa River. The fishing was awesome however, maybe not quite as awesome as the past 2 weeks on the Toccoa. Noontoola creek fished lights out though even with it being about 4in high! Check out the footnotes below!

Noontoola Creek

The water was high but we had an awesome day fishing heavy nymphs below an indicator in fast water! A size 10 pat’s rubber legs with either a San Juan worm or a size 14 pheasant tail below it was the ticket! Also be sure and use some split shot to get it down! The fish fight hard in this high water, so get ready to run! We chased one massive 23in rainbow about 150 yards until it finally tired before we did!

Toccoa River

The Toccoa is pretty similar to earlier weeks. The water is high with them sluicing 1400cfs and the big fish are still on! There were probably a 12 browns over 18 inches caught this weekend including 2 good ones from Jason’s boat and another one of our friends Kyle nabbed one that went about 20in, and actually 2 really nice rainbows as well!

Specific tactics wise floating lines with white streamers has still been the first choice, however Kyle did report that they caught several fish on a copper colored streamer.