Dry Fly Fishing in Blue Ridge, Georgia

We’ve got dry flies on the Toccoa River below Blue Ridge Dam! Our guides have been out on the river most every day for the past 2 weeks and are reporting caddis as well as the start of March Browns coming off in force in the evening hours. What does this mean for the Fly angler? Here’s a quick rundown of what to use and where to go -

Rod - 9ft 4wt

Line - WF Floating

Leader - 9ft 5x

Flies - Size 14 - 16 Black Elk Hair Caddis

  • Size 16 CDC Black Caddis

  • Size 16 La Fontaine Caddis Emerger

  • Size 14 Parachute Adams

  • Size 14-16 March Brown

Where - Curtis Switch and Horshoe Bend have been the best two bets for getting in on the action with Curtis Maybe being a little bit better. Fish above the Curtis Switch Bridge in the slower water and watch for subtle rises.

Here’s some fish from the past few days!